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Domain and Kingdom Research Project

Modern biological classification is constantly changing as we get more information about different types of organisms. We will be researching a model that groups organisms into three domains based on shared characteristics. These three domains are further divided into six kingdoms based on additional shared traits. One of the groups we will be researching, kingdom Protista, is known to represent organisms with diverse evolutionary histories rather than one common ancestor. Scientists are still debating how organisms in this groups should be classified to best show their evolutionary history and shared traits. 

Below are the steps you should follow daily to ensure you complete all parts of this research project. 
Day One
  1. Have one member of your group open the Domain and Kingdom Group Notesheet, make a copy, and share the document with all members of the group and with
  2. Use these resources to research your domain or kingdom and answer all the questions on the group notesheet. 
  3. Share your notes on your domain or kingdom with the class by filling out this Google Form.
Day Two
  1.  Create a Google Slide presentation with 3-5 slides that cover the material you researched yesterday. 
  2. Create a 5 question quiz that tests a basic understanding of the material that you presented in your quiz. Possible quiz formats include:
    • a Google Form - be sure to share this with
    • Kahoot - on the My Kahoots page make sure you click on the share button and share it with SaJHSMitchell
Day Three
  • Groups will present the following:
    • Slide presentation or video
    • Quiz given to class
  • Individuals will listen carefully to presentations, take notes as needed, and practice with the new information by taking and hopefully passing their peers' quizzes.